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September 14, 2022 - Sixteen Nine

Proto secures patent for hologram platform

The LA start-up Proto now has a U.S. patent for its method of capturing people and subjects on a white screen and relaying that visual in real-time. The patent also notes Proto’s on-board cameras and speakers, making it self-contained and capable of telepresence.

July 29, 2022

Logan Paul beams to major sports convention via Proto in WWE gear

Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard wrote, “Logan Paul recently teamed up with Proto Hologram for an appearance at the National Sports Collectibles Convention to show off his WWE ring gear and the rare Pokemon card he bought for $5.3 million last year. Paul (in hologram form) talks to fans about Liquid Marketplace, which is selling fractional shares of the card itself and the gold holder that Paul uses to wear it in the ring.”

February 17, 2022 - Office

Proto debuts at New York Fashion Week

Fashion authority Office wrote, “The Oakland-based label led by designer Tommy Bogo reimagined what a fashion show can be by showcasing 10 meticulous gender-neutral looks through a high-tech holographic device from PORTL. In what was definitely the among most intriguing formats we’ve seen among designers this season, Bogo invited his audience to think outside the box by, essentially, looking inside one.”