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Proto Luma

Spatial Computing Reimagined

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Welcome to the Future

Experience the cutting-edge of spatial computing technology with Proto Luma. Designed to transform digital interactions into immersive, engaging, and impactful experiences. Perfect for next generation retail engagement, interactive marketing, and enhanced learning.

Welcome to the Future

Sleek Design

Slim, sleek, lightweight design.

Priced to Scale

The Luma delivers larger than life experience at a price point that is designed to scale

ProtoOS Built In

Each Luma comes fully equipped with ProtoOS: offering you the latest features including ProtoApps, 3D Objects, and Bluetooth support.


Immersive Spatial Display

Experience larger than life interactions on our 86" high density multitouch screen, packaged in a slimmer profile chassis for easier transport and display.

Built-In Camera, Speakers and Mic

Our built in AI-capable smart camera, speakers, and mic offer crystal clear picture and audio quality for the most lifelike interactions possible.


Bold or Bright

Introducing Our New Black & White Finishes.

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Pricing to Scale

The Proto Luma is priced for volume to scale to the needs of your organization.

AI Enhanced 4K Camera

Enjoy crystal-clear details with our 4K camera featuring 10X Digital Zoom and AI Intelligent tracking technology to keep the action in frame. The Motorized Privacy Shutter ensures your privacy is just a click away.

Limited Early Release

Be one of the first to own Proto Luma in North America with our release in the first half of 2024. Limited to 200 units, this exclusive opportunity lets you experience groundbreaking technology first-hand. Reserve your Proto Luma today!

Precision Sound Technology

Experience superior audio with our stereo speakers and 6 Microphone Array, capturing clear sound as far as 6 meters away. Enjoy a rich frequency range and flawless communication with hardware-enhanced Echo-Cancellation.

Immersive Spatial Display Redefined

Experience life-size interaction with Luma’s specially designed 86" high density, multitouch holographic display. Perfect for bringing people, products, and apps to life with unparalleled realism.

Optimized for ProtoOS

Explore the immersive possibilities of the most advanced holographic OS ever made with Luma and ProtoOS. Ideal for retail, education, and entertainment, together they redefines holographic spatial communication and interaction.


90.75” x 50” x 23.6”




Set it up in portrait or landscape mode


Easily transported

Content & App Management

Create & upload hologram content, playlists & applications

Device Management

Create & upload hologram content, playlists & applications

Remote Command & Control

Instantly launch apps and play from the Cloud or touchscreen, or schedule automated playback from a single dashboard

Proto Luma is more than just a device; it's a transformative experience. Step into a world where communication, education, commerce, and entertainment are reimagined. With Proto Luma and ProtoOS, every interaction transforms the customer experience. Join us in this new era of spatial computing.

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