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Proto & Sports: NFL Draft holograms score big

Sports Business Journal’s Tech Lead Ethan Joyce wrote about the Chicago Bears using Proto to mark an epic NFL Draft night. “Pooja Van Dyke, the Bears’ director of digital media, said the team held Zoom calls for past draft watch parties. But for this budding new era, with a potential franchise-changing combo of QB and WR, the team wanted to match excitement with what she called a “big swing” on the meet-and-greet experience.” The experience also felt like a way to honor the players’ career milestones. “We can’t forget that moment in this whole thing,” Van Dyke said. “This is their moment, their dreams, all that hard work that they’ve done, and then we get to give them that opportunity — ‘Hey, I know you’re in Detroit, but this is what it means to be a Bear.’ That is something I’ll never forget.”